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Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Willow & Jaden Smith: Linked to Dangerous Cult!


The Jenner and Smith families certainly know how to cope with controversy.




Kim Kardashian Had Joan Rivers Moved Away From Her at NBC Upfronts


Kim Kardashian Had Joan Rivers Moved Away From Her at NBC Upfronts
Kim Kardashian Had Joan Rivers Moved Away From Her at NBC Upfronts

Kim Kardashian still isn’t ready to be BFFs with Joan Rivers.

A source tells Us Weekly the reality star was seated next to the comedian during NBC Upfronts on Thursday, May 15, but asked to have Rivers moved because of how many times the Fashion Police host has made fun of her and her family.

Khloe and Kim were seated next to Joan Rivers, but they had them move her,” a source tells Us. The 80-year-old recently made fun of Kim and Kanye West‘s daughter, North West, even going as far as to call the 11-month-old “ugly.”

The source adds that Kardashian never confronted Rivers about the remark, and “saw her at Jimmy Fallon and was polite and didn’t say anything.” The source added: “They even took a pic together when Joan asked.”

Rivers has also spoofed Kardashian’s sex tape with ex Ray J and mocked her siblings. Not to mention, she touched on Bruce Jenner‘s appearance during an E! Fashion Police episode in the past.

“Kim and Khloe both don’t want drama and can’t fake it anymore with Joan, so they asked the staff to keep them separate,” the source told Us.

Easier said than done. “Apparently it was a hard task because two other people have issues with her and also asked to be seated away from her,” the source said. “It was a juggling act keeping Joan away from everyone!”

Rihanna’s New Look At Basketball Game Caught Eye Of Everyone

16 May, 2014

Rihanna rocks a Niki Minaj look at a basketball game of LA Clippers this Thursday.

RiRi, accompanied by her close friend, Melissa Forde, was photographed at a game of LA basketball team with Oklahoma City Thunder.


*Rihanna was particularly playful during this game

Rihanna surely caught everyone’s eye not only with her baby-pink wig but with her tiny see-through top and skinny jeans.




*Rihanna loves seeing herself on game monitors

At one point of the game she made a move that turned everyone’s attention from the game – she playfully grabbed her boob and was caught by all the cameras present.



When she tweeted about her going to the game she said ‘We raided Nicki’s wig closet for the summer! Bad gals just wanna have fun!’



*At one point of the game RiRi put on a denim jacket

Bridal Fever! Kim Kardashian Preps for Wedding

Bridal Fever! Kim Kardashian Preps for Wedding

 Its everywhere now: Kim is soon gonna go crazy!!!

It’s official! Kim Kardashian has got her wedding on the brain; or at the very least, the honeymoon suite.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, 33, who is set to wed Kanye West on May 24 in Paris, posted a couple of super sexy snaps to her Instagram account on Tuesday evening, where she is posing in what appears to be a white nightgown.


Kim Kardashian’s sexy snaps. (Credit: Instagram)


The stunning gown, which features a low cutout back and criss-cross satin panels atop an ornate peek-a-boo lace fabric, would be a perfect ensemble for the wedding night.

For the “impromptu photoshoot,” Kim wore her hair down in Veronica Lake-style curls and looked seductively over her shoulder at the camera.


Kim Kardashian looked lovely against the rose wall. (Credit: Instagram)

She modeled against a wall of white roses, hydrangeas, and peonies, which was a Mother’s Day gift from her main squeeze.

Kim was obviously a huge fan of the fragrant present and gushed about it in her photo captions saying, “There’s a wall of roses in my backyard what else am I supposed to do ?!?#ImpromptuPhotoshoot,” and “Stop and smell the roses.”

Let’s hope the “Watch the Throne” rapper, 36, was the man behind the camera.

Snapping sultry pics isn’t the only way the reality star is prepping for her big day.

Earlier on Tuesday, the 33-year-old beauty took a couple photos of herself in a black sports bra, where you could see her taut tummy. She captioned the images, “Just finished my morning workout.” We can only imagine Kim has kicked her gym routine into overdrive as she preps for her nuptials in the City of Light.


Kim Kardashian posts a gym selfie. (Credit: Instagram)

Workouts, boudoir shoots, and only 10 days until her walk down the aisle? If it isn’t obvious already, Kim seems 100 percent ready to become Mrs. Kanye West.

solange attacks Jay-Z because she thinks he’s cheating……

solange attacks Jay-Z because she thinks he’s cheating……

Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z because of Rachel Roy

Posted:   05/14/2014 10:51:30 AM

Solange Knowles beat up brother-in-law Jay Z because he was being a bit too attentive to designer Rachel Roy at the Met Gala after-party on May 5, according to the New York Daily News.

Geez. Instead of Dobermans, they should have Solange patrolling the fence at Casa Carter

Before Knowles started whaling on Beyonce’s husband in an elevator, she reportedly yelled at Roy to keep her distance, sources said.

Knowles, 27, reportedly told the designer, “Anyone who gets close to Jay has to be warned and deal with her as a sister,” a source told US Magazine.

The rapper then told Knowles she was “out of line” for mouthing off to Roy.

That, obviously, was not the correct strategy. A source told the Daily News that triggered Knowles’ protective side.

Solange Knowles performs onstage at the Vulture Festival Presents MIA + Solange at Webster Hall on May 10, 2014 in New York City.

Solange Knowles performs onstage at the Vulture Festival Presents MIA + Solange at Webster Hall on May 10, 2014 in New York City. (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for New York Magazine)

“Rachel is a little too close to Jay Z,” the source said. “Solange doesn’t like it, and Beyonce doesn’t like it.”

Roy used to be married to Damon Dash, Jay Z’s former business partner.

Dash took to Instagram to stick up for Solange, calling her a unique soul. “I am actually impressed with her independent spirit, she seems like a fighter,” he said.


Roy reportedly didn’t respond well when Knowles told her she was “too close” to Jay Z, a source close to the scene said.

“Rachel is combative and a tough girl, she didn’t back down,” the source said.

Both Beyonce and Jay Z tried to intervene between Roy and Knowles at the Boom Boom room at The Standard hotel, and the three singers decided to leave. That’s when the beatdown was captured on a video camera in the elevator.


Beyoncé Addresses Solange Drama… Without Uttering a Single Word

Beyoncé Addresses Solange Drama… Without Uttering a Single Word

By terrylicious

3hours ago….

Photos of Beyoncé and Solange, which were posted by Bey,

on Wednesday (today). (Instagram)

Beyoncé loves Solange.

Bright and early on Wednesday morning, the singing superstar took to her favorite social media site, Instagram, and posted four photos of her with her little sis. Each one is a tender, sweet moment between the women, whose relationship is under a microscope following the now infamous Met Gala afterparty elevator fight.

“Good morning,” were the only two words Bey posted with the photos. She instead let the pics make her statement. The shots showed the sisters hugging on stage at Coachella last month, frolicking in the grass, side by side in the back of a car, and glammed up an event. They are smiling, happy, and affectionate in all four of them.



The photos are clearly some type of messages, but what? On Monday, footage was leaked of a nasty spat between Solange and Bey’s hubby, Jay Z, in an elevator at the Standard Hotel following a Met Gala afterparty on May 5. Because there was no audio on the surveillance footage, there has only been speculation over what exactly went down as Beyoncé appeared to stand there watching her sister and husband’s exchange. None of the parties have commented about the family drama. Then Tuesday, it was reported that Solange deleted all but one of the photos of her sister that she had on Instagram.

So it’s unclear whether Beyoncé posted these pics in an attempt to tell the world that things are fine between the Knowles sisters… or if it’s a public message to Solange.

The sisters have reportedly been together since the drama. Not only did they leave in the same car following the elevator eruption (Jay Z left in a second vehicle behind them), Us Weekly reports that Beyoncé and Solange were both at Kelly Rowland’s wedding in Costa Rica on Friday.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé and Jay Z have put on a united front, attending two Brooklyn Nets playoff games at Barclays Center on Sunday and Monday. They were all smiles and openly affectionate sitting courtside and rooting on the home team.

The mystery continues…

oopss!!!! Lea Michele Risks Wardrobe Malfunction: Exposes her left BOOBS!!!

oopss!!!! Lea Michele Risks Wardrobe Malfunction: Exposes her left BOOBS!!!

Lea Michele Risks Wardrobe Malfunction, Nearly Pops Out of Her Plunging Dress

published by terrylicious 14-05-2014

Lea Michele Allan Bregg/Splash News

Talk about your close calls!

Lea Michele nearly risked a wardrobe malfunction while making her way to the 2014 Fox Upfronts in New York City on Monday.

Decked out in a very low-cut green dress, the Glee gal almost left absolutely nothing to the imagination as she crossed the street and inadvertently offered up some side boob in the process.

Of course, had anything actually popped out, it would have marked the 27-year-old brunette beauty’s second nip slip in as many months. (Not that we’re keeping track, mind you. OK, fine, maybe just a little.)

VIDEO: Lea Michele responds to Glee feud rumors

Lea Michele Allan Bregg/Splash News

In April, while shooting the music video for the single “On My Way,” Michele’s right breast accidentally became exposed.

But she was apparently unfazed by it as she later shared more than a dozen behind-the-scenes pictures with fans via Instagram.

Meanwhile, Michele’s new book, Brunette Ambition, was released today.

In it, she shares intimate life stories and motivational advice, as well as covering everything from her fashion tips and skincare rituals to her fitness routine and favorite recipes.

WTF Alert: Justin goes of the hook again

WTF Alert: Justin goes of the hook again

 Justin Bieber Being Investigated for Attempted Robbery
posted by terrylicious 14-05-2014

Just in case you were wondering, loves, Justin Bieber is still an out-of-control douche. I hearthat the LAPD is currently investigating him for attempted robbery after he tried to steal a woman’s phone.

The incident occurred at a mini-golf course in Sherman Oaks, CA, where Justin and his crew got into a scuffle with some bros at the batting cages. Because of course they did. GOD FORBID he can go anywhere without his thug entourage starting a fight. But JB thought that a lady was snapping pic of the melee on her cell, and stalked over to confront her.

justin bieber

The woman claims that when she refused to give Justin her phone, he reached into her purse and grabbed it, prying it from her hand. Because of course he did. Then he became enraged when the phone was locked and he couldn’t access her pictures.

“She says she told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi,” tattles my spy.  “But Justin screamed, ‘You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.’”

The 13-year-old then started to cry (I’d weep too being so close to such rampant idiocy) then Justin turned and started screaming at someone else.

"Justin Bieber's Believe" World Premiere

You know darlings, I’ve oft compared Justin to a real-life King Joffrey and if (spoiler alert, sorry) Game of Thrones can nix that character then can’t we somehow rid ourselves of JB IRL? If you have any ideas for how to achieve a Bieber-free America, I’m all ears…. #kisses#

Solange Knowles Deletes All Beyoncé Photos From Her Instagram Account but……

Solange Knowles Deletes All Beyoncé Photos From Her Instagram Account but……

Solange Knowles Deletes All Beyoncé Photos From Her Instagram Account—All but One, That Is:

Solange, Beyonce, Instagram Instagram

They say sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Well, that may very well be the case when it comes to Solange Knowles‘ decision to delete virtually all photos of big sister Beyoncé from her Instagram account in the wake of a video that surfaced on Monday showing what appears to be Solange physically attacking brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator.

What’s interesting, as the website SheKnows pointed out, is the fact that Solange did leave one pic up of herself happily posing with Beyoncé and a friend from 15 months ago with the caption “Girls moment.”

Of course, whether that was intentional or simply an oversight remains unclear.

The fight in question was recorded May 5 at the Standard Hotel after the 2014 Met Gala in New York City. The footage shows a large man, presumably a bodyguard, restraining the aggravated woman. But the female (purportedly Solange), still manages to land a few punches and high-heeled kicks on a man in a tux.

The man under attack (who appears to be Jay Z) holds the woman’s foot to prevent her from kicking him further, but at no point attemps to strike her back.

A woman resembling Beyoncé watches nearby.

Following the video leak, the Standard Hotel released a statement, vowing to take action for the security breach.

“We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that we count on providing our guests,” the hotel said in a statement obtained by E! News. “We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.”

Elevator Fight: Solange v.s Jay- Z

Elevator Fight: Solange v.s Jay- Z

Solange Knowles Has ‘Gone Off’ in Incidents Like the Jay-Z Elevator Assault Before

Solange Jay Z Beyonce Met Gala

I think we were all shocked when we saw the video of Solange Knowles trying to beat the crap out of Jay-Z in an elevator following a Met Gala after party.

Well, people say that Solange’s outburst is something that has happened before.


“Solange has flipped her lid like that before,” an insider revealed. “She is genuinely a sweet and nice person but she also keeps shit real. She can take a small thing and it triggers her.”

“This is not the first time this has happened,” the first source says of the elevator fit. “That’s why Bey and Jay were so calm. They are used to this from Solange. It has definitely happened before

No word on what triggered the fight

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