Couple Turn Their Wedding Vows Into an Adorable Song

Michael and Carissa Alvarado met on the set of a music video. So it seems only fitting that their relationship would have a lot to do with song.

Michael, a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, was only in Los Angeles for a quick trip when he wound up as an extra on a music video set and met Carissa. The pair hung out during the three-hour shoot, and on the way home from there, Michael told a friend that he’d met the woman he was going to marry. Sure enough, after a long-distance courtship, Michael moved to L.A. and married Carissa.

It was definitely an emotional experience,” Carissa said of performing a new song for the first time in front of their nearest and dearest. “But it was super fitting, and there was no one we wanted to share that with besides our family and friends.” Though the Alvarados admit to being nervous about both the wedding and their new song, the sweet reactions — including tears! — from their loved ones made it worth it.

Though they’ve only been married for only a year, the Alvarados do have some marriage advice. “You shouldn’t settle for anybody less than your dream partner,” Michael says.


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