is miey really in the hospital or is she just trying to cover up her failure

is miey really in the hospital or is she just trying to cover up her failure

Is Miley Lying About Her Hospitalization?

As rumors swirl that Lindsay Lohan may be fibbing about having a miscarriage, another spiraling starlet is also being accused of having her pants on fire: Miley Cyrus!

According to MC’s camp, she’s been in the hospital for the last week after having an “extreme allergic reaction to antibiotics,” and says she could be in the hospital for up to 27 days! But Star magazine is calling BS on the story, and they have a doctor to prove it…

“It is extremely rare for a doctor to order his patient to stay in the hospital for a 27-day period for a sinus infection or reaction to antibiotics,” says Dr. Alen Cohen, an otolaryngologist, who also says that the drug Miley took, cephalexin, is super mild. I myself happen to be ultra-allergic to the very same drug, and all that happens to me is a tres annoying rash that’s gone as soon as I stop taking it. Sure, it totes ruins my makeup look for a good 48 hours, but 27 days? I don’t think so, darlings.

In Touch also trotted out a physician who said that it’s very rare for someone with her supposed affliction to even be in the hospital overnight.

miley cyrus

So what’s keeping Miz Miley laid up? Star claims she’s detoxing from drugs, while In Touch guesses that she’s developed a heart condition from mixing booze and narcotics. But a little bird whispered in my ear that Miley’s concert sales are so bad, this is her way of cancelling them without admitting her failure.

What do you believe, minions? Is MC seriously sick or seriously lying?


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