Best Actress FalloutRita Dominic And Charles Novia In Twitter War

  • Published: 06.12.2013

Nollywood star actress, Rita Dominic and prolific producer, Charles Novia, are right now engaged in a serious Twitter war of words over comments Novia made on her.

Known for his scathing criticism of celebrities, Charles Novia had, yesterday, released a list of his top five actresses in Nigeria for the year 2013 and on the list, he placed Rita Dominic as number five.

This placement seemed not to go down well with Rita. The actress who just won the Best of Nollywood Award as the Best Supporting Actress in English for the movie ‘Finding Mercy’, the same film Novia said she did not perform well and had used in rating her, came out firing from all cylinders, putting down the respected producer cum director.

Read Rita fiery tweet:

“Check that Charles has not drowned himself. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS ENGLISH (BONAwards): Rita Dominic for ‘Finding Mercy’.”

Charles Novia took it with the calmness of a gentleman and replied her thus:

“Dear Rita Dominic: I am still alive and won’t die for a looong time. My opinion of your role in Finding Mercy still persists. Congrats.”

Who will blink first in this interesting battle?


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