Star Struck Kevin Hart Faints At Beyonce Concert

When there’s a Kevin Hart in your audience get ready to crack some ribs

  • Published: 12.23
  • Kevin Hart Can’t believe his eyes! 
  • Kevin Hart struck by Beyonce 
  • Kevin Hart receives a Beyonce towel 

Kevin Hart Can’t believe his eyes!

  • play

    Beyonce asks Kevin Hart to sing


International stand-up comedian Kevin Hart literally fainted at Beyonce concert last night at the Staples Center when the singer walked up to him to say hello.

Kevin, joined by a few celebs like Christina Milan, her fiance Jas Prince, khloe Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner, were at the forefront of the Bey Hive stage yesterday to cheer Beyonce as she sang her famous hits to her audience. All celebs were clearly in for a special up close and personal experience with the Grammy winner and Kevin gave them a moment to laugh out loud.

During a brief break in her show, Beyonce started throwing out towels to her fans so Kevin Hart began screaming “Give me a towel! I want a towel!!!!!!” Beyonce finally came over to Kevin, wiped her face with a towel and threw it his way which made him fan out to the delight of those around him.

Kevin was also caught screaming ‘She looks like Tinkerbell” as Beyonce landed on the Beyhive stage from the roof in a sequins blue jumpsuit and signature blonde curly hair.

He later posted on Instagram:

‘That moment when you realize that you know the words to all of Beyonce’s songs…. #iFainted #iWasInTheBeeHive #iThinkiTwerkedLastNight #iWasLostInTheMoment #F-ckYall #ShowWasTheShit’

See photos of what transpired between Kevin Hart and Beyonce [side]


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