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2015 ELECTION: Jonathan Is Incompetent, Corrupt & There’ll Be Bloodshed, If He Runs”

2 December, 2013



Second Republic member of the House of Representatives and Russian trained Medical Doctor, Junaid Mohammed, has declared that blood would flow on the streets of Nigeria, should President Jonathan insist on running for the presidency in 2015.



The closest President Goodluck Jonathan has come to saying whether or not he would run in 2015 was to say recently that he was under pressure to run. Should he run?

First and foremost, I do not believe he should run. He should not run, whether he is under pressure or not. He is his own man, therefore, he should be responsible enough to take that decision, and not to bore us with the irresponsible statement of saying he is under pressure. He should stop playing with the destiny of this country. He is humble enough to know the consequences of his action, should he insist on running. But let me warn that he should not do anything that would plunge the country into  avoidable anarchy.

Quote me, if Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed and those who feel short-changed may take the warpath and the country may not be the same again. His running will amount to taking about 85 million northerners for a ride  and that is half of the country’s total population. So, there will be bloodshed. But we don’t pray to get to that level, before his ethnic and tribal advisers pull him back.

In case these advisers are unable to pull him back, what are the options available to Nigerians?

The option is to pile up pressure, to ensure that  he does not take the country for a ride. Nigerians must be prepared not to allow him force any political upheavals or violence on us, because that will be the consequence, if he fails to listen to the voice of reason.
At any rate, on the three criteria  globally used to measure preference for a leader, this man has got none of them. They are competence, integrity and acceptability. On competence, you journalists know this better. President Jonathan is incompetent.

He has got no integrity, because he is also corrupt and irresponsible. On acceptability, apart from his few ethnic and tribal advisers, who are urging him to contest, Jonathan today is not acceptable to the generality of Nigerians. So on all these three counts, he is nowhere, so on what basis is he going to run? Answer me, I am asking? So like I said from the onset, in order to avoid political upheavals and violence that his action would cause this country, it will be in the best interest of Nigeria for him not to run. And history will surely be kind on him, should he decide to take that path of honour.

Having said that, if there is going to be a free and credible election, I don’t mind if Jonathan runs, because I know he would be roundly rejected by Nigerians. But the last thing you want to guarantee in a country where the police have suddenly become an arm of PDP’s militia is a free and credible election. You don’t win election by using the bullets. So we are in a Catch 22 situation.


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