$61M Spying Equipment Arrives In Abuja, Will Track Nigerians’ Online Activities

26 November, 2013



photo - $61M Spying Equipment Arrives In Abuja, Will Track Nigerians' Online Activities

Employees of Israeli defence electronics firm Elbit Systems have arrived in Abuja to install a comprehensive spying facility that will assist the Nigerian government in spying on citizens’ online activities.

The installation will be completed despite negative public reaction and ongoing legislative probe of the project. Thus, the order of the National Assembly to suspend all actions on the contract pending the outcome of a planned investigation is being ignored. The officials of the Elbit firm were accused by the Presidency of not being discreet enough while handling the contract.

The firm was secretly awarded a $40million contract to make it possible for the Nigerian government to track citizens’ Internet communications and get the data from their computers – under the pretence of national security and intelligence gathering.



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